Tree Pruning

Tree pruning enhances and restores the beauty of your trees and is a necessary component of proper landscape maintenance.

Regular pruning also helps to protect your trees against storm damage; the risk of falling branches or limbs and other potential hazards can be reduced through the elimination of deadwood, crossover branches, decay and unwanted growth.

A seemingly straightforward task, tree pruning can have a huge impact on the life span of your trees, but when not performed properly, it can result in damage such as weakened limbs, insect infestation and disease

Garden & Organics carefully inspects trees on commercial or residential properties in the Western Cape region and will create a custom pruning plan for your trees, shrubs and hedges.

High Risk Tree Felling

Trees hanging over telephone lines, electricity cables, walls, rooftops, parking, fallen trees and trees or stumps blocking your driveway? We will remove or trim for you without any damage!

Garden and Organics provides tree felling services, stump removal, bush clearing and many more environmental services to commercial or residential clients in the Western Cape. Our credible track record proves why we are one the most versatile tree fellers in the region.

We indulge in creating breath-taking, awe-inspiring environments while protecting the ecosystem and minimising risks.

For many years, we have been offering reliable, affordable, fully insured tree felling services to our most valued domestic, commercial and government clients alike.

Bush-Clearing and Land-Clearing

Depending on your requirements, bush, weeds, unwanted trees, and other vegetation will be cleared partially or totally with the correct equipment. Bulldozing is not the ideal way to clear bush as they clear the very important top layer of the soil and can create erosion issues.

Garden & Organics is fully equipped to provide full bush-clearing and land-clearing services to handle all of needs – small spaces or large.

We work with many commercial and residential builders, developers, and contractors in the Western Cape, and have built a sound reputation for excellent services, fast turn-around time, and pricing to accommodate your budget.

Whether doing new construction, residential renovations, or clearing for pasture, our team ensures small or large jobs run smoothly, giving our company the competitive edge in the bush-clearing and land-clearing service industries.


Garden & Organics provide the necessary firebreak planning and services to our clients as you are obligated by law to have the correct firebreak measures in place.

The National Veld and Forest Fire Act, 101 of 1998 places a legal duty on all property owners to prepare and maintain firebreaks on the boundaries of their property. If you don’t comply, you face the risk of exposing yourself with potential civil claims being instituted for damages caused by a fire spreading from your property and causing damage to areas around you.

As a responsible and professional gardening service with many years of experience, Garden and Organics find that the preparation of firebreaks is yet another essential service that can be of help to our private, commercial and government clients.

Invader Plant Control and Eradication

Invasive alien species occur everywhere and affect everyone, not only ecologically but economically too. Invasive alien species that challenge to your garden are Alien Plants (IAPs). Not all alien plants are problematic; only those listed as invasive alien plants should be removed from your gardens.

IAPs are successful because they no longer have their natural predators around, which controlled their growth and spread in their natural habitats. IAPs can therefore grow faster and stronger than the existing indigenous plants. Many IAPs are fast growing and usually have a strong root system, taking large amounts of water and nutrients from the soil, and therefore depriving indigenous plants of nutrients, water and sunlight.

Garden & Ogranics will identify, isolate and eliminate foreign plant species that may cause your gardens or landscapes local flora harm. We also have a qualified Herbicide and Pest Control Operator, in terms of the Agricultural Act 36 of 1947.

Storm Water Clearing (Manual maintenance of storm water infrastructure)

Storms and rainfall cause waterflow that collect leaves, dirt, sticks and other debris that enter into the storm water drainage systems, which can easily become blocked. Once the first items become lodged in the drain, other items that follow begin to build up until the rate at which the water flowing in becomes too great for the system and flooding and overflow begins.

This process can happen quickly and damage can easily run into the thousands.

Garden & Organics offers assistance when it comes to stormwater blockage clearing. Our expert team will assess the situation, and execute a solution to have the problem fixed in the most efficient and effective way.