Established in 2009, Garden and Organics is an experienced provider of professional and contracting services in the environmental services to private, corporate and government sectors.

We have highly experienced staff and excellent service. We deliver workmanship that conforms to international standards and methodologies.

We offer nothing but quick turnaround time and good value for money, as well as services and products that will produce the desired results.

Our Staff and Human Development Policies mean we have skilled employees. We take special care to train our staff members and believe in giving them trade-able skills in a competitive job market.

We employ over 85 staff members, who are Historically Disadvantaged Individuals from communities and we are continuously growing.

Garden & Organics Management team is continuously striving to grow the business into other regions of the Western Cape, including the Stellenbosch and Overstand municipalities. We are confident that with our dedication to quality and our experienced support staff that we will achieve more growth in the short term.

Garden & Organics is a 100% Black Youth owned company and a B-BBEE Level 1 Contributor.


Juandre Jeptha comes from an IT background, having graduated with a BCom in Information Systems from the University of the Western Cape in 2004. He then worked as a management consultant at an operations firm between 2005 and 2009.

However, he quickly discovered his passion for the environmental industry, founding Garden & Organics, which has been a role-player in the industry for over 10 years.

With humble beginnings, the big breakthrough for this successful entrepreneur came in 2010 when he was awarded his first tender in 2010, focused on storm water infrastructure maintenance.

“This was an exciting time for me and the company as we were encouraged expand. After starting in just two sectors, we were able to grow into several new ones. Today, we specialise in providing quality services across several departments for private, corporate and government clients.”

With Juandre at the helm, Garden & Organics continues to grow into a notable brand in the environmental services industry, placing a big emphasis on upskilling and training staff and creating more employment opportunities.