Garden & Organics is 100% black owned by South African youth. We are a LEVEL 1 BEE CONTRIBUTOR.

We have highly experienced staff and excellent service. We deliver workmanship that conforms to international standards and methodology.

We offer nothing but fast turnaround time, good value for money products which show results.

Our Staff and Human Development Policy means we have skilled employees. We take special care to train our staff members and believe in giving them trade-able skills, in a competitive Job Market.

We have employed over 70 staff members which are HDI (Historically Disadvantage Individuals) from communities and we are continuously growing.

We have a Mechanical Workshop where we have our trained technicians that do maintenance and repairs on our tools. We also offer this service to the general public and other small operators.

Garden & Organics Management team is continuously striving to grow the business into other regions of South Africa, we are confident that with our dedication to quality and our experienced support staff that we will achieve this. We Add Value.